Wednesday, June 28, 2006

OS: FreeDOS Ceases Development

I was a little disappointed to read about the discontinuation of development for FreeDOS. While DOS has been “dead” for a long time now, I still like to go back and get a little nostalgic for, what I consider, the Golden Age of Computing. DOS, while primitive, offered some really interesting and educational features, such as direct device access, that modern operating systems deny users due to privileges. I’ve always felt that DOS made a good stepping-stone to understanding PC functions before moving into the more modern OS arena. It’s also kind of sad when developers give up on their hobby due to lack of interest from the community. Since it has been moved to Sourceforge, perhaps another group will take up the flag and bring this OS into the 1.0 version. But with the Linux fanboys questioning why, and the Windows group laughing at the obsoleteness of DOS, I doubt anyone will.

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