Monday, February 12, 2007

Video Games: Scored a Wii, GC version of Zelda is backwards from Wii version, and WTF is wrong with Sony??

So I managed to score a Wii. I will say without a doubt, this is one off the most fun gaming units I have ever played, and that’s based off an initial impression of the included Wii Sports and Zelda game. These things are hard to score in my area, and I had to get one when off on a recent assignment in South Carolina.

One note, the Zelda on the Wii is like an exact mirror of the Gamecube version. Things that are on the right hand side in the Gamecube version of on the left hand side, and vise versa. It kind off threw me off.

In related news, I read this article on Penny Arcade this morning. This is funny since, as of yesterday, I say PS3’s at a local Target, a Gamestop, and a local Walmart-type grocery store no more than 3 miles from my apartment. At the grocery store, the PS3 had dust so thick, it had to have been sitting there for at least a month. These weren’t just display boxes, they were actual, on the shelf units, with big signs reading “We have PS3’s in stock”, just begging to people to buy them. I’m not sure what Sonys thinking with such bold statements, but I’d be curious to see what retailers they are calling to get their info. I’m sure if you call every Bed Bath and Beyond in your area, they too will be out of stock of PS3’s, but I’m pretty sure at least 1 Walmart, Target, or Best Buy will have some in stock.

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