Wednesday, February 21, 2007

EclipseCon 2007

For the past few weeks, updates have been few and far between. Reason being, I have been preparing for EclipseCon 2007. So why is that such a time-sink? Well, thats because I am doing not 1, but 2 presentations for EclipseCon!

1: "Building Reports with BIRT": A day long class (thats 10 hours, roughly) with a hands on tutorial of building reports with BIRT. Live demos and exercises are expected.
2: "Dynamic BIRT Reporting": A long talk I will be presenting along with one of the BIRT PMC members, Scott Rosenbaum.

I've had to adjust some of my presentations to accommodate the styles due to some outside pressures, which is kind of a drag since the theme really seems to suit my thought process. I mean with panels that have such clever titles as "What sucks about Eclipse" (I think I might sit in on that one, I have a pretty good list of things that just piss me off about it), I really wanted to give it some personal flare. Of course, I'll still sneak in some of my trademark presentation quirks.

The great thing is, I have tons of research on issues that I came across having gotten deep into BIRT innards that others fear to even think about, so expect some heavily BIRT biased content in the future.

Overall, this should be an exciting experience, and if anyone is signed up, look forward to seeing you there.

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