Monday, November 13, 2006

Charity: Childs Play 2006

While I typically try not to push certain views out, I really feel that I should try to do “something” to get the word out about the Childs Play charity. You see, I feel somewhat that I should try to do more to make a push, and this particular charity pulls at my heart strings for some reason. Last year I got my gaming site to put together a pool where they sent out a little bit of cash. This year, I figured I would plug it on the here as well.

For those who aren’t in the know, Child’s Play is a charity put on by the good folks over at Penny Arcade. The philosophy behind this is that sick, hospitalized children can have less recovery effort if they are entertained, thus getting their mind slightly off their afflictions. So Child’s Play puts all of its proceeds towards toys and video games for sick children that are hospitalized. They donate ALL, that’s 100%, of the funds they raise, in addition to any charitable gifts to the hospitals participating.

Besides the charitable donations, they also currently have a series of auctions going on over at EBay, which include a number of original sketches of their artwork. Being the fan that I am, I wish I had enough to buy one of these. Not only for the memorabilia, but the thought of the money going towards a good cause.

Something about this really gets me, so I feel this is one of the most worthwhile charities I think I have ever heard of. While most take a portion for administrative costs, Child's Play puts 100% towards the children. I'll definitly be making more of a push this year to get the word out and put a contribution in myself.

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