Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Review of BIRT 2.6 Data Analysis and Reporting

I was pleasantly surprised to find a review of my recent edition of the BIRT book online here. I'm very excited to have gotten such a favorable review from another author. =)


Anonymous said...


Congratulations for the blog.

I have developed an application in Java, where i create reports from database, using DesignHandlers -mainly grids, with colors and labels and data on top of them. I render the report in pdf. The result is very good and very efficient.

Now i want to go to the next step, where i want to deploy some charts (e.g. Area Chart) given the data that i have in arrays/vectors. But i have difficulty and i have not found any simple example on that, how to create a chart handler, and add it to my design.

Do you have any examples or any suggestions?

Thank you

Unknown said...

Hi John,

I bought your book directly from Packt and have been unable to get a response from them. The "free" pdf chapters are NOT available on the website, and I have been unable to find them anywhere. It is very annoying when in chapter 4 you write:

For the time being, we needn't go into much detail about this as it
will be covered in depth in the Practical Example—building reports for Bugzilla chapter.

And you don't have the chapter online or in the hard copy of the book. Can you help???

Marianne Anderson
tiggermda@comcast.net or

Lebon Bon Lebon said...

Hey there, I just posted a review of your book @ http://bonlebon.blogspot.com/2010/09/book-review-birt-26-data-analysis-and.html

All the best,


John Ward said...

The chapters are at:





Let me know if you have any issues getting them. I can send you the PDF version of the chapters.


John Ward said...


If your looking to just embed Charts into your application, the BIRT chart engine is actually separate from the BIRT engine, and can be integrated into an application without the need for the Report Engine or Design Engine.

There are some tutorials out there (I think I've done some myself on the blog). The best examples, however, are probably going to come from the BIRT source code. There is a Chart Integration examples project that shows all sorts for integration examples, from integrating into straight Java applications, RCP apps, web apps, and doing live, updating charts.


Unknown said...

Just bought your book and have only breezed through it... and it looks good. I'll say more when I actually read it. thanks.