Tuesday, July 07, 2009

BIRT: Creating an SWT Emitter

I had shown a proof of concept of this idea at EclipseCon, albeit in a very simplified manner by coupling an emitter to a TreeView component in SWT. But this guy took it a step further and has taken it a step further and has an emitter that outputs directly to an SWT table. This opens the door for all sorts of cool opportunities, such as customized action handlers for interacting directly with SWT components.

Not sure why I didn't think of passing in the composite as a render option as I went about it in a different way, but this is definitely cool stuff. With a little modification to handle groups, you can do all sorts of cool interactive report interfaces using RCP or RAP :)

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Paul said...


Currently I'm using BIRT to create reports.I am working with the BIRT report designer plug-in in order to create quick and urgent reports in different output formats.Today I would like to use the BIRT Java API to create reports in a web based application so when I click on a button, for example,it generates a report.BIRT has a powerful Java API to do that.I would be thankful if you can provide me with an example to create reports from a web application.
Thanks a lot.