Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nike+: Update to Site Requires Additional Exemptions in AdBlock Plus

I wrote previously about needing to add an exemption for Nike Plus if you are running Firefox with AdBlock Plus. Two days ago Nike did some updates to the Nikeplus site, and the original issue of just getting a white screen came up again. Turns out, there is a new domain needed to add to the exemption list.

So, adding a new exemption like so will get around this:

I will need to investigate further, I am fairly sure you can a wildcard, like either, or maybe @@* to get around this, the only concern for me are ads that come from the Nike domain...

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Wladimir Palant said...

The problem looks familiar, I reported the same issue in several other sites in I'll file a new bug, maybe then this gets some attention. On the bright side - this doesn't happen in Firefox 3.5 any more, only Firefox 3.0 is affected.