Monday, September 25, 2006

Subversion: Further Adventures

Since my recent exploits with Subversion have turned my working world upside down, I figured I would share my recent exploits. First, I came across Subclipse, a Subversion plug-in for Eclipse. This opened up the virtual Pandora’s Box, so to speak. With the ability to link all of my Eclipse projects to Subversion repositories and share work with my team, I went on a tirade of downloading every single Eclipse plug-in for my day-to-day duties. I found DBEdit for working with straight SQL, CFEclipse for our Coldfusion applications, the Eclipse Pl-SQL Editor, and a few others. Previous, Eclipse was something I played with on the side when I wasn’t doing real work, or when I wanted to do some decent Java development away from Netbeans, or something forces upon me to do BIRT Development. No more. All these recent additions to my Eclipse plug-in library have lead me to setting up a local Subversion setup on our development file share. No having to fight with TI, submit work order, waiting 6 – 8 months to even get a tech assigned or any of the other hassles associated with our technology group, just install the client, setup the repository, and use the file share that my entire team has access to, this is something I can do myself. All of sudden, Eclipse has become a central part of my life. Amazing how views can change in a day just by being able to leverage a particular tool. Strange thing is, although Eclipse has native CVS support built right in, it just didn’t tickle my fancy the same way. Something just seems… cleaner about Subversion. I think next I will look at the Subversion plug-ins for Visual Studio and see where these lead me.

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