Thursday, September 07, 2006

Linux: Issue Mounting a Windows XP Share with Samba

I had an incredibly strange issue come up when I was trying to mount a Windows XP file share from Knoppix 5. When I would mount the share using the following command:

mount –t smbfs //windows up address/ /mnt/share -o username=username

The command would complete successfully, however whenever I went into the share, I would get the following error:

root@tty1{mnt]# cd /mnt/share
root@tty1 [share]# ls
ls: .: Permission denied

Even stranger, when I did a full list on that share post-mount, I would get ? for the permissions, owner, group, size, and date. Turns out, there is an issue with Windows 2000, 2-3k, and XP file shares and certain Client Signing (at least that is what this article indicates). If this is the issue, then the article submitters symptoms were different than the one I encountered.

This was corrected with the inclusion of using CIFS instead of SMBFS. So I could run the following command instead:

mount –t cifs //windows up addres/share name /mnt/share -o username=username

And now I have access to my share.

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