Saturday, September 09, 2006

DIY: How to Remove Logos Using Sugar

I found the following article on Slashdot today. Its a link to this story telling you how to remove vendor logos from products. I thing this is great. I am going to remove all the logos from all electronics and promotion products that I own.

Also interesting from the host site, instructions on how to build your own stripper pole... Now I can live out my fantasy of... wait, thats none of your business. But there are other fun little DIY projects on the site like the volumetric projector (fog machine and lens to create a Star Wars like hologram), and the SNES to Parrallel port adapter (a project that has been around for years, I actually built one in 2001 for “work”. IMHO, the SNES pad was the best game controller ever, plus there are tons of software for controlling it, and IIRC, the Linux Kernel has this already built in). Interesting site.

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