Thursday, September 05, 2013

First Tutorial Video Release: BIRT Report Examples View

We started releasing a series of tutorial videos on YouTube. The first one, starring yours truly, is up right now. It covers a little known and under utilized area of the BIRT Designer containing a whole set of example reports. Check it out.

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Dinoop Balakrishnan said...

Hi John,

I m new to BIRT and have found loads of good information from this site. Thanks for that.

I need your guidance, I have a python web app and i wish to use BIRT report engine as i dont want to reinvent the wheel. I m planning to use file to genrate the Reports. But the problem i dont want to specify the data-source in .rptdesign file it needs to be dynamic which mean for each web-request it will fetch from different DB.

Is there any way to give Datasource dynamically or should i recreate the .rptdesgin every time

Please englight me

Thanks in advance