Sunday, January 09, 2011

EclipseCon 2011: Getting Started with BIRT

I have been approved and scheduled for another year at EclipseCon. This year I only have 1 talk, despite having some really good proposals about writing plugins for BIRT. But the Getting Started with BIRT talk is always a good one for new users to BIRT, I always enjoy presenting it and getting to know the folks in the crowd, and I always welcome interaction during and after the talk from attendees.

With only 1 talk scheduled for me this year, this provides me with a great chance to attend a lot of talks. Last year the talks I attended steered me towards EMF, which was helpful in helping some of my paying clients. I am really looking forward to a lot of the talks scheduled for this year. I will probably continue my EMF studying by attending this talk by Kenn Hussey, who was helping with a BIRT ODA, and Ed Merks. since GWT is familiar territory for me already, I look forward to the marriage of these two to drive some EMF points home for me. There are some good Window Builder talks on the program, which is exciting for me since I have been a user of Window Builder for years, and this is the first year that they are doing talks after being bought by Google. My friend Benny has a great talk planned about GIT. Benny has had a lot of experience with GIT, and his involvement as a contributor stemmed from his frustration with shortcomings in the Eclipse implementation, so it will be interesting to hear what he has to say on progress with the plugins. Lots of good talks =)

If your planing on attending, feel free to mozy on by my talk or the BIRT booth and say hi!!

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