Thursday, January 25, 2007

Travel: Quick, Convienent Motorola Razr Phone Charger Using your Laptop

I'm on the road for the next few weeks, with no time at home. When traveling, I like to travel light, and by light I mean I don't want a whole lot off items I need to keep track of which have the potential to be forgotten. This includes my phone charger, which as anyone with a cell phone knows is the lifeblood and usually an often forgotten item during travels. I have a Motorola V3C Razr, which I've had for some time now. Since I travel on business, I also have my laptop. After I first got my laptop, I came across this driver which allows me to charge my phone from my laptop. It does not let me use it as a modem or for broadband, which is a feature that Verizon offers for my phone, but I am not willing to pay 50 dollars a month. So now I don't have to keep track off my phone charger, I can just keep a inexpensive, run off the mill, USB cable with me and plug my phone in while I am working.

This brought up a little musing in my mind about how portable the office really has gotten. Lets review. This time last year I was sitting in an office with a desktop computer, my desk phone, and my 60 gig MP3 server. Now, I have my laptop, which my cell phone plugs into and I can use without fear of running the batter down, my 60 gig IPod video plugged in charging and playingg music for me and storing movies for me to watch while I travel.

While all this technology as been around for years, and road warriors have been doing this for longer than I have, I am amazed how much a year can change things, and how convienent this portable technology is. It has enabled me to have all the comforts of my static office when out on the road.

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