Thursday, October 27, 2005

Birt updates from the Birtworld Site

I was jut reading on the BirtWorld blog, which is written by two employees from Actuate, that they are in the process of revamping the examples section of the Birt website. I have written about Birt previously on this site, and given examples of reports and how to deploy them. So far I am impressed with Birts offerings, and am very pleased with Actuates commitment to the project. Also, congratulations to the Birt team for their recent article on TechForge regarding using Birt with Hibernate. It is good to see Birt getting some press. I believe Birt is a powerful project and has the potential to really open eyes towards FOSS as an alternative desktop platform. This article is the first time I have heard of Jason Weathersby refered to as the Birt evangelist. The only other time I have ever heard of someone refered to as an evangelist is Terry Quantrani for Rational Rose, so I will be sure to give him a hard time next time I talk to him.

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